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Journal 6: 100 Deviations?

Thu Jan 22, 2015, 4:25 PM

Whoa, 100? ONEHUNDRED???

Honestly compared to some of you here that is a baby number, but for me it is a slightly larger baby number! So lets go over these last 2 years of deviantART...

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OCT 25th 2012 - oct 31st 2012

Test drawing of awesome by uniqueguyMiss innocence by uniqueguySUPER!!!! FRANKY!!!! by uniqueguyTesting alcohol markers on Franky!!!! by uniqueguyHyperactive-ness by uniqueguyHyperactive-ness - marker test by uniqueguyReady to fight stance! by uniqueguy

These are my first Deviations on dA. These drawings are all super special to me of course because firstly they are all traced, but also because they made me who I am.
During this type I pretty much acted as if colour was not a thing, I am not ashamed to say that those two coloured drawings made me anxious... :o (Eek) 

It's pretty interesting to see how I went on from this to what I am now, definitely coool! La la la la 

Did I mention these were traced?

nov 2nd 2012 - nov 4 2012

Ezio the assassin! by uniqueguyCelli the Cello dragon! by uniqueguyIt's waffle time! by uniqueguy

This next stage was great. Only 2 days long, yet it was all the time I needed to become fully addicted to the dA community. :D
One random drawing, one art request, one avatar of the gods
These three drawings are probably my most loved drawings because they pretty much represent the three things I do most on dA:
  • Fanart
  • Weird stuffs
  • Waffles

Yup, honestly makes me wonder how different everything would be today if these three drawings were different.

Nov 4th 2012 - Mar 14th 2013

Sasuke cosplaying as a normal person! by uniqueguyRoch Villeneuve! by uniqueguyWendy Marvell by uniqueguyTaiga Aisaka by uniqueguyDeath the kid by uniqueguyBlack Star by uniqueguyChopper horn point! by uniqueguyErza eating a waffle! by uniqueguyGohan super saiyan by uniqueguyMaka!!! by uniqueguyShiina!!! by uniqueguyMolly the bounty hunter! by uniqueguyAltair! by uniqueguyGildarts Clive by uniqueguyMonk Waffle by uniqueguyGon by uniqueguyKillua by uniqueguyBiscuit by uniqueguyMan-Man by uniqueguy

Yaaah, so many artworks... This is the longest lasting stage I've had yet, and it is where most of my dA friends have come from. Love 

This is pretty much a mosh pit of requests and fanart, not all stuff I really wanted to do but it did help to get me noticed. If you're new on dA just do requests and fan art. Appealing to the largest audience works well most of the time.

One interesting thing of all this is that there is very little improvement, in fact some of my later art is quite bad. If anything this just shows that working with so many artist's styles at one time really does not work Giggle 
Take my advice, if you wanna get better rather than get more popular. Work on your own style (aka do original art)

mar 15th 2013 - may 13th 2013

Gon dash! by uniqueguyPraying Taiga by uniqueguyHisoka's rape face! by uniqueguyLink spin! by uniqueguyLying down by uniqueguySitting under the night by uniqueguyKillua Dash! by uniqueguy

This is what I call "the dA-Kyoshitsu stage"

Mainly because it was my introduction to the group and it's weekly contests. This pushed me a ton and pretty much helped me break away from requests and requests and requests again and again and again and again.
Pretty much the start of me developing ma own style and stuffs. :X

Also friends, I made moar frieeends! :3

mar 15th 2013 - june 22nd 2013

Exams by uniqueguy

"Hey uniqueguy, where did the overwhelming amount of art go?" you ask in your deep stern and slightly irresistible voice...

Well... Exams...
This is the start of my many breaks. One entire month of nothing, it hurt it really did.
A lot of people forgot about me, dA is truly unforgiving :doh:

June 26th 2013 - December 20th 2013

Rika Furude - Age Regressed by uniqueguySpecial Agent Pengi by uniqueguyWind Waker Link by uniqueguyThe Cockateil Archer by uniqueguyThe Cockateil Knight (Sketch) by uniqueguyCastle Corridor by uniqueguyDevil Armor by uniqueguyA True Welcome by uniqueguySleepy Morning by uniqueguyBest anniversary ever!!! by uniqueguyThe Waffle Quest by uniqueguyCaptain Corndog the Assassin by uniqueguyDiamond Mecha by uniqueguy

An entire 6 months after exams and this is all I have to show... No, I disagree! 
Yup, we seem to have reached the "draw less as time goes on" stage.

This is pretty much the start of my weekly Thursday drawings which were all posted on Friday (oops ;P). Along with the dA-Kyoshitsu contests I did a few more requests, however there is less fanart and more of my own characters.
Finally!! He is actually drawing somewhat better

I guess this is the start of my love of comics?

dec 20th 2013 - june 12th 2014

No really, no art. me from 2 years ago would torture me for this :XD:

june 15th 2014 - aug 6th 2014

Just Some Clouds... by uniqueguyWaffle Digital Practice by uniqueguyStepping on an Ant by uniqueguyMilla Maxwell Tied Up by uniqueguyKelly in the night by uniqueguyThe Classy Horse! by uniqueguyNaru-toe by uniqueguy

Yay, digital art :D:D:D

Something in me said "yah, see these pens!!! Nawwww"

This stage is the opposite of the early fanart/requests stage. Here I pretty much just did what I wanted to and that's it! Nod
I had a ton of fun with each drawing and my style changed a bunch.

Overall, I neeeded this....

aug 6th 2014 - nov 8th 2014

3 MONTHS MAN, 3 MONTHS!!!! Waaaah! 

This is what happens when you start getting bored of dA *sigh*...

nov 8th 2014 - now

It's Waffle Time 2! by uniqueguyWire Robot by uniqueguyCommisson: Triple Group Shot by uniqueguyUzhara by uniqueguyOne Punch Man by uniqueguySauce-ke by uniqueguySockura by uniqueguyKakashoe by uniqueguy

Yayyy, we have reached the final stage. :| (Blank Stare) 

I call it the "get yo stuff togetha brah yo" stage. This is the start of my weekly journals as well as guaranteed weekly drawings. Overall this is bliss.
Motivation regained!!! CURSE YOU!

now - who knows when?

The future is upon us my friends, and now that I have found out what I actually like to do it is a lot more fun for me

This means you will see me doing a lot of Pun art as well as returning to making more Waffle art :happybounce:
Also a something else later this year that I don't even know what I'm doing with... I'll figure it out! xD


Sorry that this was a pretty selfish journal.

If you've read until here on then thanks, really... If you skipped then, good job on being so resourceful! Sweating a little... 

Hope you have a wonderful day/week/year/millisecond.


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So my bio... Well I guess I like art just like everyone else here. To be honest I think I'm awesome at drawing, but really I still know nothing, in fact you might wanna leave me some feedback to prevent me from being pathetic forever (cough cough)... I also like (more like I'm addicted to) waffles, skittles and giraffes and just about anything intriguing or interesting.
Hmm, whats the word I'm looking for.. Ahh yes, Quirky! I believe I am pretty flapping quirky :nod:

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